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Want to know what the cast of Bloody Murder is up to now?

Last updated: April 27, 2016

Jessica Morris
Julie 'Jewels' McConnell
Jessica's career really took off after Bloody Murder. She landed a role in the soap opera One Life to Live and has had roles in many movies including Role Models...and she continues to act today. Patrick Cavanaugh
Much like Jessica, Patrick has had quite the career since his time at Camp Placid Pines. He's been in a few National Lampoon movies and has done some voice work and guest starred in the TV crime drama CSI: Cyber in 2015. Justin Ross Martin
Jason 'Jas' Hathaway
Like the others, Justin continues to act. He's had minor roles in a few TV series, the last being JustBoobs Sketch in 2014. Bloody Murder remains his sole movie credit. Tracy Pacheco
Whitney 'Whit' Chambers
Tracy's new last name is Rebelo. She is married and has a few kids. After Bloody Murder, Tracy had a small role in What Women Want and was in another h…

Video Reviews

Here you'll find video reviews for the BLOODY MURDER franchise that I've gathered from around the net (mostly just YouTube).  Incomplete but frequently updated.





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Interview - Michael Stone

I recently had the opportunity to get to know Michael Stone a little bit.  Of course, we all remember Michael as Dean in BLOODY MURDER.

First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions regarding your time spent at Camp Placid Pines as Dean in the 2000 camp slasher BLOODY MURDER.

Let's get started, shall we...

Can you recall your first memory of the production of BLOODY MURDER?  Maybe auditioning or the first time you read the script?
I do remember auditioning.  I remember pretty distinctly going to a callback, having no clue whether they liked me or not, and then getting a call from my manager to tell me I'd been cast.  I was kind of floored.  I'd been in LA for about four months (having just moved from New York), and this was the first thing I booked.  I knew nothing about the movie at all -- I don't know that I'd even read the script.  I was just happy to be in something.
What was the atmosphere on set like?  Did everyone get along?

ATTN: Forum Is Back!!!

Posted by Nick on June 16, 2015

Well, after about a seven year hiatus, the Bloody Murder message board is back up and running (and with the original URL, too!).  I've tried my best to get it back to looking the way it did back in 2008.  Obviously there will be a few updates coming to it.  I can't believe how much Proboards has changed!

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, let me refresh your memory with this quote from the old BMF from March 2, 2008...
ATTN: Forum Was Deleted!!!
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For some unknown reason, Proboards, who have hosted the Bloody Murder forum since 2002 decided that it was in violation of their TOS policy -- therefore, it was deleted! No one is more mad about this than me. I have merged the forum with my Scream board for now. Please register and PM your post counts and I'll get you all back to normal...and I am so sorry for this... Yeah, that was a sad in BM history.  Now let's move past that.  I don't …

Spoilers - Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp

Below is a description of Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp. And yes, it does contain spoilers so you have been forewarned.

The story begins with Tracy (main character) having a dream about her brother, Jason (who was killed at the very end of Bloody Murder). In her reacurring dream, her brother is again slaughtered by Trevor Moorehouse. She wakes up and we realize that she is now a counselor at Camp Placid Pines. But all the campers have gone home and they are now putting everything away and preparing to close camp for the winter (hence the title Closing Camp). Tracy, played by the beautiful Katy Woodruff, has made a boyfriend at camp named Mike, played by Kelly Gunning. There is another couple at camp, Ryan and Angela, who seem as if they cannot keep their hands off each other. Angela, by the way, is played by the B-movie scream queen, Tiffany Shepis. Too bad for her though, she is killed towards the end of the film (machete in the face). Oh, and four others that are joining us at camp…

Spoilers - Bloody Murder

The following is a complete spoiler of the movie, all deaths, characters, etc. If you wish to not know the details of the film, then I advise you to not read not. You have been warned.

The film opens with a guy and a girl, Bill Anderson and a pregnant Patricia Zemke, running out of gas in the middle of the night on a desolate stretch of forgotten road deep in the woods of Placid Pines. Bill is murdered by a chainsaw after running into the infamous Trevor Moorehouse (camp boogeyman) while going to get gas. After a relatively dark opening, the film does a 180 and becomes some teenybopper pop video with a scene of the next generation of CPP counselors arriving at camp...discussing the "fictitious local psychopath" known only as the Moorehouse figure.

And after arriving at the camp, our entire cast introduced: Dean, Brad, Toby, Julie, Doug, Megan, Drew, Whitney, and Jason (haha)...oh, and Patrick, the counselor, who is later revealed to be Nelson Hammond, a former camper...and …