Sparrow was written by Justin Di Febo and Matt Mosley, two people who met here on the BMF message boards. They wrote a script together called Camp Nightmare and the rest is history.

Six teenage friends, Matt, Cindy, Kirsty Duncan, Sitcom and Dawn set off on a camping trip in the forest.  However, "Camp Happy Dreams" turns out to be "Camp Nightmare" as legend states it's the site of a presumed historic murder.  The teenager's disbelief in this urban legend is soon changed when strange happenings begin to occur to each of them...

Cast (in credits order)
Faye Sewell...Cindy
Thomas Longley...Matt (as Thomas James Longley)
Alexis Jayne Defoe...Dawn
Eric Kolelas...Duncan
Sarah Linda...Kirsty
Jack W. Carter...Sitcom
Jordan Greenhough...Alex
Nikki Harrup...Tina
Leonora Lim-Moore...Pam (as Leonora Moore)
Joseph Stacey...Tim
Jennifer Karen...Heather
Ali Keane...Jeff
Mario Folga...Sparrow
Monica Folga...Fiancee
Peter Saklak...Lover

October 2010

Shaun Troke

Justin Di Febo, Matt Mosley



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