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More Trevor Moorehouse Haikus

Our friend Justin sent us 9 more Bloody Murder -centric haikus. Enjoy! At Camp Placid Pines a killer with a chainsaw looms the camping grounds. Shiny goalie mask conceals the identity of Clayton Moorehouse. A cultivator rests in the hands of Trevor the local legend. Up in the mountains is bloody Camp Placid Pines homestead to Moorehouse. Knife plunges inside screaming innocent camper ominous stained suit. Toby just adores Mrs. Pete's Tater Tots at the lunchtime cafe. A Nelson Hammond assists the counselors as manager Patrick. Camp Placid Pines sign stands erect when suddenly Trevor pops outward. Julie McConnell researching the computer to find out the truth.

PsychoPaul's Excellent BM1 Trevor Mask!

A fellow Bloody Murder  fan and forum member, PsychoPaul, reached out to me on Twitter to share his totally awesome Trevor Moorehouse hockey mask. Helluva job, Paul! Hi Nick, just finished painting this up this afternoon. Put foam padding inside the mask over the holes, and covered it with two coats of grey primer spray paint. My first time doing a Trevor Moorehouse mask from BM1. Don't hesitate to send us YOUR fan creations!

Bloody Murder 2 Publicity Stills on Dutch DVD

I found some cool behind the scenes/publicity stills for Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp  on the Dutch DVD...

Bloody Murder Greek DVD Photo Gallery

I've been playing around with my computer a little and popped in the Greek Bloody Murder  DVD. I noticed there's a video photo gallery, so I ripped it, and here you go...

Bloody Murder 2 in...WIDESCREEN!

So, here's the thing. I didn't think a widescreen (16:9) version of any of the Bloody Murder films existed (remember, back in the heyday of DTV slashers, full-frame [4:3] is all there was for home video formats). I've seen a few widescreen stills from BM2 floating around the net, but I assumed they were publicity stills for the movie. Well, that's not the case. I recently purchased a foreign DVD 2-pack of BM 1 & 2 and wouldn't you know it, BM2 is presented in the glorious 16:9 format. Here are a few screenshots... Here's what the DVD case looks like if anyone wants to snag it:

Bloody Murder 1 & 2 Reviews on Instagram!

I recently stumbled across two new reviews on Instagram for Bloody Murder  and Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp . Check them out below... View this post on Instagram BLOODY MURDER (2000) REVIEW ● A major ripoff to classic films like Friday the 13th of course. You can tell this film is completely inspired from Friday the 13th from the setting of the film (a summer camp) and the killer who wears a mechanical suit and hockey mask (I feel like we've seen this design many times). Anyways, Bloody Murder isn't necessarily a bad movie in my opinion, it's just completely unoriginal and it's all things we've seen before. The kills were solid but again, nothing we havent seen before, and the characters were pretty unlikable except for the main girl who was decent. The killer reveal has like two twists at the end and there was one scene that tried to play as the killer reveal scene and then decided to go with anothe

Retro Forum

As we all know, Facebook Groups have basically wiped out online message boards/forums. It sucks but it is what it is. But, have no fear, the BMF Message Board is still kicking. And I've just recently (today) reverted everything to what the board looked like in 2004. Why? Because why not! Message Board

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