Reviews - Bloody Murder

Here's UHM's review of Bloody Murder from October 11, 2011.
This movie was given to me from a friend and I think I know why -- this is one of the most clichéd and unoriginal pieces of crap I've ever seen! I would assume that when they made this movie that they knew what they were getting themselves into.

This was VERY poorly scripted, leaving many plot-holes and a silly climax. The acting was horrible and the directing was nothing special. They obviously burrowed many things from horror films to make this film, with Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th being the main ones. The killer was predictable and the way they tried to confuse the audience towards the end was just plain silly.

An example of bad acting and weak scripting is a scene where this guy is accused of murder, so to prove his innocence he tries to turn to his only friend, who is the lead character. The guy decides to run up from behind the girl and tackle her to the ground to explain that he's innocent. She naturally suspects him of being the killer so she runs off. First off, if you're accused of being a killer and know you're innocent, you don’t get their attention by tackling them from behind!

Yet another example of bad scripting is the fact that certain characters seem to get the same damn dialogue. This one girl basically asks the same thing through the whole movie. "Are you okay?", "what's wrong?", "is everything alright?" .. BAH! What a waste. I could write a better script sleeping than the one this movie had. Well anyway, the only reason why I gave this movie a 2-rating instead of a 1 was the fact that despite the unoriginality and the movie being so clichéd, it did somewhat keep my interest and I enjoyed making fun of some of the dialogue and acting.


Unoriginal, cliched, bad-acted and bad-scripted can all be described as this film. If you're not looking for anything special and have lots of cash to blow then I guess you can check this out, but I don't recommend it.
That's about standard.