Where Are They Now? - Bloody Murder

Want to know what the cast of Bloody Murder is up to now?

Last updated: March 27, 2018

Jessica Morris
Julie 'Jewels' McConnell
Jessica's career really took off after Bloody Murder. She landed a role in the soap opera One Life to Live and has had roles in many movies including Role Models...and she continues to act today.
Patrick Cavanaugh
Much like Jessica, Patrick has had quite the career since his time at Camp Placid Pines. He's been in a few National Lampoon movies and has done some voice work and guest starred in the TV crime drama CSI: Cyber in 2015.
Justin Ross Martin
Jason 'Jas' Hathaway
Like the others, Justin continues to act. He's had minor roles in a few TV series, the last being JustBoobs Sketch in 2014. Bloody Murder remains his sole movie credit.
Tracy Pacheco
Whitney 'Whit' Chambers
Tracy's new last name is Rebelo. She is married and has a few kids. After Bloody Murder, Tracy had a small role in What Women Want and was in another horror movie called TheCampusHouse.com...she had minor roles in a few TV shows and her last movie was Antique Prayers in 2014.
Michael Stone
Michael, despite having a strong role in Bloody Murder, moved away from Hollywood shortly after. He is now co-CEO of New Schools at New Orleans. You can read our 2015 interview with Michael here.
Christelle Ford
Drew Zemke / Patricia Zemke
Christelle didn't keep the acting gig for long. She has since moved back to Denver, Colorado where she raises her daughter and is the owner-operator of Gigglers Parties and Havens & Lairs Home Design/Remodel.



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