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The Home of Trevor Moorehouse

More Trevor Moorehouse Haikus

Our friend Justin sent us 9 more Bloody Murder-centric haikus.


At Camp Placid Pines
a killer with a chainsaw
looms the camping grounds.

Shiny goalie mask
conceals the identity
of Clayton Moorehouse.

A cultivator
rests in the hands of Trevor
the local legend.

Up in the mountains
is bloody Camp Placid Pines
homestead to Moorehouse.

Knife plunges inside
screaming innocent camper
ominous stained suit.

Toby just adores
Mrs. Pete's Tater Tots at
the lunchtime cafe.

A Nelson Hammond
assists the counselors as
manager Patrick.

Camp Placid Pines sign
stands erect when suddenly
Trevor pops outward.

Julie McConnell
researching the computer
to find out the truth.


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