Bloody Murder

The terrifying legend of Trevor Moorehouse, a masked figure who wields a chainsaw instead of a left hand, is behind this frightening game of Hide and Seek played on the first night of camp every year.

But this year, an underlying sense of terror is lurking in the minds of the campers and counselors. And thrills by a campfire soon turn into the counselors' worst nightmares as they begin to disappear, one by one. Blood-curdling screams and the roar of a chainsaw are the only sounds in the isolated woods and the remaining counselors must scramble to solve the mystery before becoming the killer's next victim.

Cast (in credits order)
Jessica Morris...Julie 'Jewels' McConnell
Peter Guillemette...Patrick / Nelson Hammond
Patrick Cavanaugh...Tobe
Crystalle Ford...Drew Zemke / Patricia Zemke (as Christelle Ford)
Michael Stone...Dean
Justin Ross Martin...Jason 'Jas' Hathaway (as Justin Martin)
Tracy Pacheco...Whitney 'Whit' Chambers
Lindsey Leigh...Jamie
David Smigelski...Brad Thompson
William Winter...Doug
Michael Prohaska...Sheriff Williams
Jerry Richards...Tommy 'Tom' McConnell
Trevor Moorehouse...Trevor Moorehouse
Bobby Stuart...Henry (as Bob Stuart)
Brian Messing...Deputy Billy
Ricky Courtney...Paramedic
Jason Gelber...Paramedic

September 12, 2000

Ralph E. Portillo

John R. Stevenson



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