BM2 Spoilers

Below is a description of Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp. And yes, it does contain spoilers so you have been forewarned.

The story begins with Tracy (main character) having a dream about her brother, Jason (who was killed at the very end of Bloody Murder). In her reacurring dream, her brother is again slaughtered by Trevor Moorehouse. She wakes up and we realize that she is now a counselor at Camp Placid Pines. But all the campers have gone home and they are now putting everything away and preparing to close camp for the winter (hence the title Closing Camp). Tracy, played by the beautiful Katy Woodruff, has made a boyfriend at camp named Mike, played by Kelly Gunning. There is another couple at camp, Ryan and Angela, who seem as if they cannot keep their hands off each other. Angela, by the way, is played by the B-movie scream queen, Tiffany Shepis. Too bad for her though, she is killed towards the end of the film (machete in the face). Oh, and four others that are joining us at camp is a cook named Juanita, a head counselor named Rick, African-American counselor Elvis, and a quiet hottie counselor named Sophie.

As the story goes, someone doesn't want the fun to end I think we all know who that someone is...Trevor Moorehouse. Again though, like most sequels do, we do in fact find out a backstory to this wood dwelling maniac. It seems that Trevor's dad, Clayton Moorehouse, was one of the first counselors at Camp Placid Pines. It seems that when Trevor was just a little kid, he would always tell on the teenagers for screwing around or fornicating in the woods. And as the tale goes, one of the counselors decided they were going to play a prank on Trevor one day, but it went horribly wrong and Trevor ended up face down in a ravine...and with his face so badly eaten by hungry birds, that he took to wearing a mask all the time. Anywho, at the beginning of the film, a passerby-er named James, who is an old family friend of Rick's, intends on staying a day or two, as he is on his way to college. That night, the counselors, and James, sit by a bonfire talking about how much they are glad that camp is over. Well, after a few drinks, they get the crazy idea to go out and play a game of Bloody Murder. All's well until James gets hurt and they all decide to head back to camp. James stays back and picks up after the group. While doing so, he encounters the legendary Trevor Moorehouse. And yes, he dies...badly (both legs severed at the knee, and then a rock to the head). And to make a long story short, Ryan is next killed (arrow through the neck), and then Angela (details listed earlier), and then Elvis (stabbed to death in shower room [best death I.M.O.]). And at last, the climax. It seems that the true killer in this sequel is Clayton Moorehouse A.K.A. Daddy-O. Oh, and earlier in the film, Mike was killed, but it does not show just shows his dead body later. The real Trevor does show up at the end and kills his father (saws him in half with a chainsaw). And our soul survivors are Tracy and Sophie...yay!

Well, I guess that's the short of Bloody Murder 2. I do recommend it as a Friday night rent. Although, please don't have high is B-type horror movie. Catch ya'll later and I hope you found my spoiler(s) to be helpful with any questions you may have.